We’re taking on Cambridge Analytica in a legal fight for data rights | Ravi Naik

It can’t be left to regulators. Now that Silicon Valley’s myth of apolitical tech is in tatters, we must all be vigilantThe movement for data rights has hit a landmark moment. In early 2017, I was instructed by a number of individuals who were concerned about the way their data was being used. They feared their personal data had been compiled and amalgamated into profiles based some on their most personal beliefs – their political opinions. Those profiles were processed by the notorious Cambridge Analytica, and seemingly by its parent company, SCL. We have now filed a claim in the British courts on behalf of a US citizen, David Carroll, to seek full disclosure of the data held by Cambridge Analytica and SCL. This will be the first case against these companies and will shed further light on what they were doing.

Our clients are seeking to understand the extent of the data held about them without their knowledge or consent, and to know whether that data was subsequently manipulated, and if so, in what way and for what purpose. They also hope to discover the breadth of information needed to make sophisticated predictions about political beliefs – a revelation that will be of wide interest, not just to our clients.

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UK solicitor cleared of forcing daughter to undergo FGM

Case is second FGM prosecution brought to court in UK, both of which have resulted in acquittals

A man has been cleared of arranging female genital mutilation on his daughter when she was nine.

The defendant, a 50-year-old solicitor who cannot be named for legal reasons, was accused of beating his children and organising for FGM to be carried out on his daughter on two occasions. At the trial at the Old Bailey in London he denied the charges against him and said he had never threatened to have his daughter cut.

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My wife has been sentenced to jail in Bahrain. She lives in the UK | Sayed Alwadaei

I fled Bahrain during the Arab spring, but my wife, and her family in Bahrain, are being punished for my human rights protests in London – why won’t the UK act?

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Bahrain. And it was yesterday that my wife, Duaa Alwadaei, the beloved mother of my two children, was handed a prison sentence. Not because she committed any crime, but because I protested in London when the King of Bahrain visited Downing Street in 2016. She is not the only one to face reprisals because of my human rights activism in London. Her mother, brother and cousin all languish in Bahrain’s notorious prisons. Tortured and convicted after a flawed trial.

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Reuters reporters clock up 100 days in Myanmar jail

Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, jailed for reporting on anti-Rohingya violence, reach milestone

Two Reuters journalists jailed in Myannmar for reporting on the campaign of violence against the Rohingya have now been in prison for 100 days.

Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were arrested in December while they were investigating how the Myanmar military looted and burned a Rohingya village, killed 10 men and then buried the bodies in a mass grave.

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Frontmen for shell companies could face jail in UK property crackdown

Two years in jail or unlimited fine could await those who break laws on ownership transparency

Frontmen of foreign shell companies that are used to hide the true ownership of some of London’s most expensive properties could face up to two years in jail and unlimited fines under new government plans.

The government announced the new sanctions on Thursday as it unveiled plans to set out draft laws this summer to lift the secrecy surrounding foreign ownership of billions of pounds worth of British property.

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