Gig economy workers angry at lack of bogus self-employment curbs

Long-awaited changes have stopped short of new laws to prevent bogus self-employment

Gig economy workers have expressed anger that long-awaited changes to working practices in Britain have stopped short of bringing in new laws to prevent bogus self-employment, which denies basic rights to around 1.1 million couriers, minicab drivers and other workers.

Theresa May announced a raft of new labour policies that she said would mean “tangible progress” towards upholding workers’ rights, in response to a Downing Street-commissioned review by Matthew Taylor. But there was disappointment from workers, trade unions and Labour that the government has only pledged to consult on possible changes to the use of self-employment, which may not include changing the law.

If you have worked in the gig economy and have shared similar concerns to those mentioned in our story, we’d like to hear from you.

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