Theresa May’s ‘race disparity audit’ tells us nothing and offers no fresh solutions | Dawn Butler

The data contained in the report is not new – in essence, the goverment has taken 411 days to open a Dropbox account. It is dismally out of touch

Over a year ago, prime minister Theresa May announced the “race disparity audit” to tackle what she called “burning injustices” that people face in society. The audit was finally released on Tuesday on a new government portal, yet it is abundantly clear that the data contained within the website is not new. It has been available for years.

The government expected plaudits for this exercise. But simply collecting data we already knew existed just won’t cut it. In fact, I could have done it myself; the government has effectively taken 411 days to open a Dropbox account. Report after report over the past few years have exposed shockingly similar data about disadvantage in our country.

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May’s policies have had a devastating impact. But instead of tackling burning injustices she has added fuel to the fire

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